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Some Of Our Past Results

The Hardcore Method

You have probably heard of P90X, Cross-fit, Insanity, Barry's Boot camp or one of the other popular fitness programs out there these days. There seems to be a new fitness craze that pops up every time we turn around. They all claim to..

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People always ask us, "What makes your program so successful in transforming people's bodies?"..

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the workout

Each class is 60 minutes in duration. For the first 5 to 15 minutes (depending on the scheduled workout for the day), we go through a dynamic warm-up and static stretching routine to prepare your body for the workout. After that, one of the certified personal trainers will explain the workout for the day and demonstrate the exercises that will be performed. Proper form and technique will also be discussed. The workout will then begin, which may involve anything from a 5-mile run to a 5-exercise circuit with barbells, kettle bells, treadmills and spin bikes. The workouts are always different and you never know until you show up what the workout will consist of. The reason for not giving advance notice of the type of workout is that this is not a workout “class,” but a workout “program.”

We design the workouts to work synergistically with the next workout of the following day, the day after, etc. This program is designed for you to work your body intensely without skipping any elements and avoiding injury. We know ladies enjoy working cardio, butt and abs - and guys prefer the chest and arm workouts. However, this program is not about what you want - it’s about what you need to get you into the best shape possible. We design the program and all you do is show up and do the work.


All exercises are scale-able so that they can be performed by a first time exerciser or challenging enough for the strongest athlete.

All boot camps are NOT created equal!


Anyone can yell at you and put you through a workout that will make you feel exhausted but the question you have to ask yourself is "will this workout change my body and deliver results?" Other fitness programs and "boot camps" offer little or no equipment and rely..

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