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3D 30-Day Goal Program


July 24, 2017 through August 23, 2017

With the launch of our new Fit3D technology we are offering everyone the opportunity to come in and take advantage of this amazing technology as well as our award winning program for an entire month for only $69! A lot of us get discouraged by the dreaded scale and in reality it’s not painting the whole picture for us. Body fat testing gave us another way to check our progress but it’s still not truly showing how our body is changing either. Now with the Fit3D scanner we can for the first time see all the aspects of our body in relation to health and fitness and be able to monitor it’s progress!

This program includes:

  • Your initial Fit3D scan
  • A daily calorie goal based on your specific metabolism and individual goals
  • Unlimited 30 day access to our famous boot camp classes as well as our new boxing and HIIT inspired Fight Camp class
  • Month long support and guidance from our knowledgeable staff and supportive members
  • Final 30 day Fit3D scan to see all of your amazing progress in all areas!

What exactly does the Fit3D scanner show you?

Here is some information on it:

  • Full 3D scan of your body with realistic avatar in only 40 seconds
  • Basal metabolic rate (calories you burn a day) Knowing this lets us make accurate diets based on your individual metabolism!
  • Body fat mass (pounds of fat on you)
  • Lean body mass (pounds of muscle)
  • Hundreds of full body measurements to extreme accuracy
  • Proprietary body shape rating with an understanding of health based on where mass is within the body which utilizes body shape indexes from leading universities
  • 4-point weight scale. Total body weight as well as balance captured automatically during the scan process
  • Posture analysis. A deep understanding of shifts, tilts, and rotations in your body from your head to your ankles
  • Cloud reporting platform. View your data on any device from anywhere