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Hardcore Method

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You have probably heard of P90X, Cross-fit, Insanity, Barry’s Boot camp or one of the other popular fitness programs out there these days. There seems to be a new fitness craze that pops up every time we turn around. They all claim to have the “fitness method” that we have all been looking for to get us into the greatest shape of our lives, whether it be heart rate training, olympic lifting, HITT (high intensity interval training), doing cardio in the fat burning zone, the afterburn effect, muscle confusion or one of several others. The problem, however, is not their method, but more their restriction in terms of the use of only one method. You see, there are many different types of training out there and they all present different benefits, so we asked ourselves the question, “Why isn’t there a program that offers it all" Well, we found many reasons that other programs isolate a certain type of training but none of the reasons were because it would most benefit the client using it. Some reasons were; lack of knowledge, required equipment, large enough space to perform the exercises… basically because nobody had created a gym to make it happen!

Most large franchise gyms (24 hour fitness, golds gym, LA Fitness, etc) aren’t designed to get you in shape and offer cutting edge fitness techniques, its designed to provide a lot of equipment, sign a lot of people up and make a lot of money and for the most part they do that pretty well. Now on the other hand you may find a good private fitness studio or personal training studio that has a well equipped gym and knowledgeable trainers capable of utilizing the most beneficial new training styles… only problem is that you’re going to end up paying $60-$120 PER WORKOUT! Sooo we decided to break the mold. Our 8,000 sq ft gym was designed to have all of the equipment needed to put a small group of clients through the most effective workouts on the planet and at the same time make it so it wont break the bank! Basically you get the benefits of a top tier personal trainer/ nutritionist, in a well equipped facility, for about $5 per workout!