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Boot Camp

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"The Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp!"


This is the Boot Camp in LA that everyone is talking about! It will help you get in great shape, burn fat, increase energy, build strength and improve your confidence. Hardcore Fitness combines a variety of functional strength training exercises, cardiovascular routines, and personalized nutrition/supplement programs for a “complete fitness solution.”

This is not to be confused with your average “boot camp”. We provide an 8,000 sq ft facility full of cutting edge fitness equipment so its more like having a personal trainer, gym, and nutritionist for the price of a health club membership. It’s a great way to get in shape fast while having fun and meeting new friends. We have everyone from couch potatoes to tri-athletes out there getting great results, and you can too!

  • 6 Month Membership
  • $229/mo EFT
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  • Unlimited Use
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  • 12 Month Membership
  • $129/mo EFT
  • 12 monthly payments through EFT
  • Unlimited Use
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  • 24 Month Membership
  • $99/mo EFT
  • 24 monthly payments through EFT
  • Unlimited Use
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