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Transforming your body is much like putting a puzzle together; all of the pieces fit together to provide the end result. Diet is quite possibly the largest piece of that puzzle, and the one most overlooked aspect of one's journey to achieve their fitness goals. At Hardcore Fitness, we are certified nutritionists, fitness competitors, and have experienced our own body tranformations, giving us first-hand experience and know-how as to the best approach to proper individual diet planning.

We look at the unique aspect of everyone's metabolism, food allergies, sensitivity to certain macronutritients, and several other factors that come into play when personalizing a diet plan, and all need to be in order for it to work properly and get you to your goal. That being said, we do not implement cookie-cutter diet plans, computer-based programs, mainstream diet fads or any other shortcuts when developing a client's diet plan. After determining your ultimate goal, we will send you a phase 1 meal plan, which is a comprehensive/complete plan, including food weight and measurement. Depending upon your response to the phase 1 plan, changes are implemented along the way to ensure the most beneficial outcome. Once the diet plan is felt to be properly individualized, we implement phase 2 of the diet plan.

At this point, you have had time to adapt to the diet and have necessary changes made, so we get a bit more aggressive in an effort to ensure that you reach your goal. Once you have gotten closer to your overall goal, we go into phase 3; this is when we pull no punches and drive it on home in terms of the diet planning - by this time, you're ready to give it your all and achieve that goal. Most programs either do not include diet planning, have a generic plan to follow, or charge a large extra fee for a diet program such as this. With Hardcore Fitness, the diet plan is included for all long-term clients at no extra cost - that's what makes us different from other programs - and it's worth it!