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Personal Training Los Angeles programs include all the very best in services and resources that we have to offer. You'll meet with the experienced trainer of your choice to build a routine for transforming your body and your life! You'll get VIP access to insider information on how to burn fat, build lean muscle and have the lean, toned body you've always wanted. An elite or master level Personal Trainer Los Angeles will take you through the program step by step providing you with all the instruction, motivation and accountability you need to see amazing results. These sessions can be at your home or at our gym.

"I thought it would be too hard and too expensive, but after reaching my goal I'm singing a different tune !"


Sarah is laughing and smiling all the time, and she does so with good reason. She's just one of our many clients (see the success stories page) who have transformed their bodies and their lives with our unique personal fitness programs. It's amazing how great you'll feel when you've accomplished something people told you that you couldn't do. Press play to hear a few words from another happy client.

No matter what you've tried in the past there is a solution that will help you lose weight and get looking and feeling like a million bucks. Do you want to prove to yourself and others that you really can get toned, firm and looking hot? If so, you'll want to hear what I have to say…

Monthly (per person)

1x week program: $240
2x week program: $464
3x week program: $672
4x week program: $864
5x week program: $1040


Hello my name is Larry Nolan - I'm a certified personal trainer, fitness expert, and president of Hardcore Fitness. Our personal fitness programs have helped hundreds of men and women lose weight, tone and firm, look and feel better than they have in years. The difference is in our approach to finding a personal solution through your unique metabolism and not just giving you a cookie cutter program.I've spent a lot of time in health clubs over the years and it finally occurred to me one day why the faces always seemed to change. You'd see someone working out on a regular basis and then a few weeks later they're gone. Why? I believe it can be summed up in one word...misinformation.

Most people have never been educated on how to exercise and eat correctly to see the results they want. Ultimately that's the reason people quit or decide to not even bother exercising at all. Walk into any gym or health club in your community and chances are you'll see the majority of people making two very big mistakes…

They're spending too much time! That's right - most people spend over an hour working out. Why? Because that's what everyone else is doing. Ever stop and ask yourself why you need to spend hours working out? The truth be told, it's totally unnecessary to spend that much time with a resistance or cardiovascular workout.

They're exercising the wrong way! Most people imitate what they see someone else doing. Why? Because most people don't know any different. Who made the person you're watching work out an expert on exercise? I've got news for you…they're probably not. They may know what works for them but can they tell you what works for you?

These two factors have changed the way we look at exercise and the results are evident. Over 60% of the population is now overweight and the numbers show little sign of decline. If you're currently in that group don't get caught up in the lie that you can't lose the weight and change your shape.It's difficult finding the time to exercise but we must do it. We all know that we should work out, but what's the sense if you don't see results? I've found most people who give up on exercise do so because they didn't see any changes after a signifcant amount of time trying. Such a shame, if they'd only been told like these people the truth about how to find a personal solution.

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